Clear My Course : Best Digital Marketing Training In Kozhikode

Master the important concepts of digital marketing from experts. Clear My Course, the digital marketing specialists in Kozhikode are upskilling new online marketers and introducing them to interesting roles in the field.

We have a team of more than 5 certified faculties and guest faculties to provide students training in digital marketing. We introduce students to the fundamentals of online marketing and update them on the latest trends and developments in internet marketing.

Why Clear My Course’s Digital Marketing Training

  • Certified faculties
  • Affordable
  • Online and offline training
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical training
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Free internship
  • More than 8 certification courses
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Globally-recognized certification
  • More than 8 certification courses


At Clear My Course, we have comprehensive digital marketing program that will qualify you for a bright career in online marketing. Our training includes both theoretical knowledge impartation and also practical training. Our programs are designed to be simple and our faculties focus on delivering them to students best understanding. We have plenty of batches of students who have successfully completed the program. They have been settled in global careers by Clear My Course’s placement assistance.

On the successful completion of the program, you too will be granted placement assistance.  You will have the great opportunity to settle in global careers acquired the quintessential training from Clear My Course.



Boost Your Digital Skills With Clear My Course

 At Clear My Course, we build the digital skills of candidates and qualify them for rewarding career roles. Students can choose specialize in the digital marketing areas of their choice.

 We upskill students in these areas:

  • Social Media management
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC Ads Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • UI/UX designing
  • Web development
  • WordPress management

There are plenty of areas in digital marketing that the students should build their understanding in. SEO, digital marketing tools and WordPress management are few of them. Students are instructed on building and managing WordPress websites.

Digital marketing tools such as AHREFs and SEM Rush are also important; thus, training is offered to students in these tools usage.


Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of digital marketing. Your businesses should be visible to the global audiences and SEO techniques are most ideal for your purpose. Only business websites with high rankings are visible in search engines. Thus, SEO is vital for best online visibility.

At Clear My Course, we have skilled many SEO experts and now they are meeting the client requirements in global organizations. You too can plan expertise in SEO acquired specialized training from our faculties. Optimizing websites for search engine rankings have brought proven results for businesses and we continually training new SEO professionals.


Discover The Prospects Of  Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most developing field full of top career opportunities. Thus, planning a career in internet marketing can be a shrewd decision. Get smart and build your careers in internet marketing. Here are the prospects of online marketing that should evoke your interests.

  •  Endless scope for internet marketing

 There is immense scope for digital marketing. Plenty of businesses across the globe are planning online presence and the role of digital marketer is most important. There is great demand for online marketers who can effectually strategize business promotion on the web. Procuring best customer connectivity and surviving competition from other businesses in the same category is most important for businesses. In such a scenario, digital marketers have inevitable roles to play. They have the responsibility of providing great online visibility to brands, the products and services of businesses.

  •  Plenty of career opportunities

 Digital marketing is a field with endless opportunities. You can specialize in the various areas of digital marketing at the internet marketing course at Clear My Course. Thus, you can be ready to seek the endless career opportunities in internet marketing.

  •  Global careers

 Seek global careers acquired qualification in internet marketing. Digital marketing companies across the globe are searching for newly qualified professionals and there is plenty of scope for global careers in this field.

  •  High remuneration

 Digital marketing roles are highly-paid. Many candidates choose digital marketing for its lucrative career roles.      You should be equally wise too. Plan your high remuneration careers with internet marketing. You can function in array of roles in social media management, online marketing and explore the best career roles available to you.

  •  Futuristic field

 Digital marketing is the most futuristic field and you can plan engaging careers in the present and future. Internet marketing is always progressing and you can plan careers ahead. There will be plenty of vacancies in the present and future in this field.

  • Career ascension and growth

 Starting with the basic roles in digital marketing, you can leap ahead after gaining good understanding the mechanisms of internet marketing. The online marketing field is developing at a fast and continually; thus, holds great career growth potential.

 Career roles for trained candidates

There are an array of career roles for candidates who have successfully completed digital marketing training. These career roles are:

  • Social media marketer
  • SEO specialist
  • Digital marketing manager
  • PPC expert
  • UI or UX designer
  • Web Analyst

At the successful completion of the program, you can pursue these career roles and emerge successful in your functional role. The best training and specialization is delivered to you by our highly experienced faculties.


 At Clear My Course, we issue globally-accepted certifications to students. At the end of the program, we provide course completion certification. Skills recognition certifications are also provided to students for the skills acquired in the program. Our certifications are accepted worldwide and these will be most befitting for students while they pursue global career opportunities. Employers are bound to choose certified candidates over others. So, get certified at your digital marketing training.

We offer certifications in more than 8 courses.

 Free Internship Worth INR 24, 999 at Infig Content Hub: Best Reward

There is a great reward for the top 5 performers of each batch. They can avail free internship at Infig Content Hub, leading content writing company at Kerala.

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