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Want to become an online marketer? Your successive step should be a certified digital marketing training in Palakkad. And we have the right choice of institute for you – Clear My Course. One of the best digital marketing institutes in Kerala, Clear My Course can develop your skills and qualify you as a top online marketer.With more than 5 certified faculties along with highly experienced guest faculties, we are a league of trainers focused on evolving new online marketing professionals. We have achieved the target of skills impartation to plenty of candidates. Now they are pursuing successful careers as professional digital marketers functioning efficiently in their roles. You too can plan the same success…


We offer more than 8 courses and develop the skills required to excel in the digital marketing professional role. You have rightly chosen Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training in Palakkad, Kerala. Now, you can plan your training freely in your own place in Kerala rather than reaching a far destination in a struggle to qualify for a bright online marketing career.We have found plenty of candidates interested in pursuing a new career in the online marketing domain. Their success in career and the global prospects of digital marketing are all shooting online marketing programs to popular choice.



Skills Development Though the Digital Marketing Training In Palakkad  

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 Students can acquire the best skills through the online marketing program planned with us at Clear My Course. Our faculties provide both online and offline training to all candidates. Students can choose the mode of training preferred and benefit from the same.

With rich experience and expertise, the trainers at our  institute enhance the skills of students and qualify them for global careers. Almost all of our students are placed well and functioning as digital marketers. We cover all the important aspects of online marketing and the latest trends evolved in the field. In the digital marketing course, students can  acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical training. We help them build successful digital marketing careers.

Our prime focus at training is skills development. We help develop diverse skills of our students and thus, they can shine in the online marketing domain. Our interests are to boost the skills of students in these areas:

  •  SEO

 Search Engine Optimization is an important part of online marketing. Business websites are optimized to rank high in search engine rankings. We train our students to become SEO experts and help businesses improve their rankings, enhance their visibility.

  • Tools

Many tools are used for digital marketing. In our course, we train students to gain expertise in digital marketing tools such as AHREF and SEMrush.

  • WordPress Management

In the digital marketing course at Clear My Course, we train students to build and manage WordPress websites.Our efforts are to build their expertise in website development and enhance their skills in multiple fields.


Why Choose Digital marketing Training In Palakkad  

Update latest digital marketing skills…

 What else could be better news for a career enthusiast as you than the introduction of top digital marketing training in Palakkad, your accessible destination.

You simply need to register with us as a candidate nurturing great interests in online marketing. Our league of trainers are true experts in transforming you to best digital marketers. We have ample experience with training and can help students with varying caliber fulfill their career goals easily.

 Why digital marketing? Are you wondering about digital marketing’s merits… Let us explain…

Digital marketing is a thriving domain with a sea of opportunities in the recent era. All online businesses require great visibility on the web. Even new ventures planning online presence need to focus on their visibility on the web. While online marketing is the ultimate option to bring customer attention to their products and services, businesses opt for this most effective marketing technique.

The online market is the most vast one with unlimited customers searching for products and services. With the possibility to host endless products, online mode is considered very ideal for businesses in all categories.

Small, medium and large enterprises alike are planning online businesses. Digital marketing is applicable for all such a range of businesses. Thus, the role of digital marketers is inevitable. For such a significant role, digital marketers are most in demand and our training is a befitting one for your career progress in marketing.

 Career Roles In Digital Marketing

 Your digital marketing course completed with us can bring you great career rewards. Pursuing the program, you would have made the wisest career decision ever. Have a look at the professional roles that you can pursue acquired good knowledge in the top fields below included in our curriculum:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media marketing’
  • Web Development
  • PPC ADS management
  • Social Media Management
  • UI/UX design


Acquired proficiency in the mentioned field from industry-focused training, you can qualify for an array of excelling digital marketing roles.

  • Digital marketing manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Conversion rate manager
  • Search engine specialist
  • User experience designer
  • Social media expert

 You can freely choose the preferred functional role after qualifying from Clear My Courses excelling digital marketing training in Palakkad.

 Why Seek Training At Clear My Course – Best Digital Marketing Training In Palakkad, Kerala

 There are plenty of valid reasons for choosing Clear My Course, the digital marketing specialists.

  •  Highly experienced faculties
  • Online and offline training
  • Free internship worth INR 24, 999
  • 100% Placement support
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Certifications – Course completion and technical certifications
  • Globally-recognized programs
  • Industry-oriented training
  • Extensive training from digital marketing experts



We provide course-completion certification and technical skills certification to our students at the successful completion of the program. With our specialized training students are able to clear the digital marketing training in Palakkad, Kerala and progress with their career.

Certifications provide insight into the training and skills acquired by the students through our professional digital marketing program.

 Free Internship For Eligible Candidates

 At the successful completion of the program, we provide a free internship to the best 5 performers of each batch. The offer of internship and placement is planned at Infig Content Hub, leading content development firm in Kerala.


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