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Digital marketing is the most lucrative career for the present and future. What can surpass  the brilliant prospects of promoting top brands online and boosting the visibility of a multitude of businesses on the web… Digital marketers have a sea of opportunities online and are in great demand. Assuredly online marketers have the best career prospects.

At Clear My Course, we have rightly understood the impact of digital marketing and its adequacy for online businesses. Thus, we have taken it our responsibility to introduce online marketing and its high career potential to new candidates. Our motive is to transform dynamic career aspirants to online marketers and settle them in rewarding career roles in internet marketing. We have a team of more than 5 faculties and guest faculties imparting knowledge and practical training for students.

We provide you step-by-step guidance on how the digital marketing training from our team will be most useful for a successful career ahead. As digital marketing specialists, Clear My Course focuses on qualifying new batches of online marketers with our industry knowledge and expertise. We are true masters in forming internet marketing careers and confirming the career progression of our candidates. We have already settled plenty of career aspirants in top roles and our strive to build careers, develop skills continue…

Theoretical knowledge impartation

Practical training employing skills

Free internship worth INR 24,999

100% placement support & Assistance

Prime Reasons to Opt for a Career in Digital Marketing

The internet is a powerful media that uses multiple digital marketing channels to promote brands and instil interests in the minds of online customers. For effective promotions online, digital marketing is most important. There are such a lot of opportunities for digital marketers and new professionals are required to meet the promotional requirements of endless online businesses requiring high customer connectivity. You too can market products online acquired skills and certification as internet marketers. Employ digital platforms and advanced technologies to promote your products and services effectively. The global internet marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate, your training at Clear My Course will be most useful for acquiring rewarding career roles in online marketing. Stay focused! Clear My Course at your total assistance… From helping you confirm your certification courses from the 8 options to seeking placement or interning, our skilled faculties are readily available for your support. Simply mention your requirements and they are at your adept services.

Employing digital channels, online businesses can reach out to global customer groups and bring business brands, products and services to their notice. The internet marketing domain is growing rapidly every year and there are endless opportunities both in the present and future. Candidates acquired digital marketing training will have plenty of career opportunities to saturate and the course completed will be most useful to them.

Top Career Roles In Digital Marketing

There are rewarding career roles to pursue at the completion of the digital marketing program. These are:
 All the career roles require specific skills and these are imparted as a part of the digital marketing training in Kannur.

Online Marketing Career Training From Clear My Course

Clear My Course has won recognition as the  best digital marketing training institute in Kerala.Our quality training and career-oriented program have marked the success of many students and they are settled in global career roles in the online marketing domain.

Highlights of Digital Marketing Training at Clear My Course

There are an array of reasons to pursue online marketing training at Clear My Course. Here are some highlights of digital marketing training at Clear My Course:

  • Theoretical and practical training
  • More than 5 faculties and guest faculties
  • Career-oriented training
  • 100% placement support
  • Free internship
  • Globally-accepted certifications
  • Highly experienced faculties
  • WordPress management
  • SEO training
  • SEO tools management skills
  • Online and offline training
  • Career-oriented program
  • Best professional skills development
  • More than 8 certified courses


 We understand that both theoretical knowledge and practical training are important for candidates. Our crew are experts in online marketing training. We commit our efforts to upskill new candidates every year and qualify them for top digital marketing career roles. At Clear My Course, we provide comprehensive training to all our candidates and qualify them for rewarding digital marketing career roles. Plenty of our trained students are pursuing global career roles and have established themselves in internet marketing opportunities.

We are continually training students for competent career roles in internet marketing. Our faculties update them on the latest techniques and practices of digital marketing. Our team emphasizes on practically applying the knowledge and skills acquired at the program. We are at assistance to students who want to emerge successful as expert digital marketers. We have planned our curriculum to benefit them best and help them emerge successful as certified online marketers. We provide them the entire picture of every digital marketing channel and keep them updated. The comprehensive program can upskill candidates for rewarding career roles in the internet marketing domain.


 At the end of the program, Clear My Course awards course completion certificate to our candidates. Professional skills certificate is also offered to the candidates as a recognition for the acquired skills at the program. These certifications are valued globally and will be the ideal testimonials qualifying you for international careers in internet marketing.

 Free Internship At Infig Content Hub For Top 5 Performers

At the successful completion of the digital marketing training, top 5 performers of each batch have the opportunity to win free internship worth INR 24, 999. We understand that practical experience is most important to students. Thus, we have planned interning to the brightest 5 students to provide them practical exposure at Infig Content Hub, top content writing services providers in Kerala.

 Leap ahead  in your digital marketing career with confidence…

You should take a serious decision about pursuing digital marketing career… With the training imparted at Clear My Course, you have the brightest career prospects ahead…