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At Clear My Course, we are continually training new digital marketing professionals who can contribute well to this rapidly progressing online domain. A fast-developing field, digital marketing is a treasure-trove of top career opportunities. Thus, we consider it our prime responsibility to introduce new candidates to the career prospects of digital marketing and affirm their success in this high career potential domain. We want to introduce them to an advancing career in the digital marketing realm.

Why Clear My Course Is The Best Digital Marketing Training in Kottayam

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At Clear My Course, we are equipped with 5+ certified and experienced trainers in addition to guest faculties. Our purpose is to impart advanced skills to new candidates and help them accomplish a rewarding career in digital marketing. Understanding the importance of practical training, we provide our students best practical training which forms 80 percent of our course. The latest theoretical knowledge and practical training qualifies students well and catapults them to great success in the digital marketing domain.

Our team at Clear My Course focuses on the improvement of students. We confirm the skills development of the students and ensure that they are well-trained during the program. With our assistance, students can gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, follow the global trends in the field and mark their success in this domain. Our intensive training qualifies them for even challenging roles in digital marketing.

Achievements From Digital Marketing Certification

  • Certification accepted worldwide

Seek global careers

  • Learn from across Kerala

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  • Career specialized certification

87% candidates promoted. 55% salary hiked

 Your Prime Benefits From Digital Marketing

  • Reach out to the global population of internet users


60 percent of the world’s population are internet users. Connect with the largest fraction of potential customers.

  • Online marketing job demands are the highest

Great demand for digital marketing experts. Wise career choice.

  • Plenty of employment opportunities

Plenty of jobs for qualified digital marketers

  • High remuneration

All digital marketing career roles are well-paid. Decide your career now…

  • Best salaries

Get high remuneration roles

  • Career fields options

There are an array of career options for qualified candidates, We offer more than 8 certifications.

 As in all fields, good skills development is important in digital marketing alike. This latest, rapidly developing field has immense career potential. There is great demand for online marketing as a whopping number of businesses are thriving online, others trying to carve their niche online or struggling to get ahead of business counterparts. For all these businesses, online presence is important and they plan on shooting their visibility on the web. With plenty of new digital marketers trained to serve the purpose of extensive online marketing, the businesses can strike at great profits.

 With all such considerations in line, planning a bright career in the online marketing field is a truly wise option. This new field is rich with career opportunities and your focus should be to establish a career in this domain. Explore the career prospects of digital marketing with the excelling training offered at Clear My Course, one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Kerala.

Chief Reasons To Choose Clear My Course Program

There are multiple reasons why Clear My Course is the best digital marketing training institute in Kottayam, Kerala.

  • Highly skilled and experienced faculties


  • Comprehensive program


  • Best training – both online and offline


  • Theoretical and practical training


  • Industry-focused program


  • 8+ Certification courses


  • Advanced syllabus


  • Job-oriented training


  • Best digital marketing training institute in Kottayam, Kerala


  • Internship worth INR 24,999 at the program


  • Digital marketing certification


  • Internship certification


  • 100% support for placement


Skills Development At The Digital Marketing Course In Kottayam

Students can acquire a large set of skills at the program from Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training in Kottayam, Kerala. We focus on the extensive skills development of all candidates in areas such as:


 Search Engine Optimization is the inevitable part of digital marketing. With web content optimization, it is possible to boost the ranking of the websites in search engines. Thus, digital marketers are able to provide great online visibility for businesses. Our quality training will help new online marketing professionals acquire expertise in promoting businesses on the web and help them connect with the largest fraction of customers online.


Best online marketing is facilitated with plenty of effective tools. We provide the new professionals with useful tools such as SEMRush and AHREFs. These tools have important applications in keyword research which is vital for SEO.

 WordPress Management

 WordPress websites are important for digital marketing. We train candidates to build and manage WordPress websites. As websites are important for digital marketing, candidates are trained to develop skills in multiple fields as website development.

Free Internship In Digital Marketing At Course Completion

For a progressive career in digital marketing, both theoretical and practical training is equally important. Understanding the significance of the same, we at Clear My Course have decided to effectively train students on both fronts. Students acquire technical knowledge during the training and then, they are provided the opportunity to implement the acquired skills in practical training. Online training is of good convenience to many, however, some students opt for offline training. Our team assures best skills impartation at both the training modes adeptly.

Want Globally-Recognized Certification From A Digital Marketing training institute Near Me…

Here it is…

We do not pause our support to students with mere training and knowledge rendering but continue our strife to benefit them further. One chief action in these lines is the provision of course and skills certifications issued from our digital marketing training in Kottayam. These would be valuable testimonials stating your skills acquisition in digital marketing. We provide course completion certification and also skills certification in specific areas such as Google Ads, HubSpot, Ahrefs , and SEMRush.

Internship At Infig Content Hub

 After acquiring great skills through the digital marketing program, we provide you with an internship at Infig Content Hub. This free internship worth INR 24,999 is offered to the first 5 top performers of each batch. The 3-months long internship will update you on the most important SEO techniques and strategies, boost your technical knowledge acumen. You will be acquiring expertise in all facets of digital marketing and emerge as a well-qualified online marketing expert.


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There is a multitude of new candidates across the globe realizing the bright prospects of the digital marketing field…Why should you lag behind…Plan wisely and stay ahead with career training offered at the best digital marketing training institute in Kerala…Great career success awaits you…