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Aspiring a futuristic career? Digital marketing is the best choice for you…Digital marketing specialists as Clear My Course offers best digital marketing training at Wayanad. A great opportunity to upskill in online marketing awaits you. Plenty of students reach us for qualifying as digital marketers and you should take attention too…

With more than 5 certified faculties and expert guest faculties, we have a proficient knowledge impartation team to upskill new candidates for competent digital marketing roles. We are transforming earnest career aspirant for rewarding roles in internet marketing thrusting them ahead in the path of success.


Welcome to Clear My Course, top digital marketing specialists…

Why Digital Marketing?

There are a multitude  of candidates seeking employment and thus vacancies are saturated fast leaving plenty of even skilled candidates unemployed. With fewer job opportunities, it is essential to plan for competent roles in high career-potential field as the innovative internet marketing domain.

At Clear My Course, we focus on developing the skills of our candidates for best career roles as in digital marketing.

Career Roles in Digital Marketing

Candidates completed online marketing training at Clear My Course have the prospects of pursuing high remuneration career roles in internet marketing. You can plan multiple career roles acquired the training in internet  marketing. These roles are:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • SEO specialist
  • Social Media Expert
  • UI/UX designer


 Highlights Of Digital Marketing Training At Clear My Course:

  •  Certified trainers
  • More than 8 certification courses
  • Experienced faculties
  • Career-oriented courses
  • Free internship
  • Globally-accepted certifications
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Online and offline training
  • Affordable training
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Internship certificates
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Theoretical and practical training


 We focus on both theoretical and practical training for our students. Clear My Course updates the skills of our candidates and provide them training for practically employing their acquired skills. We introduce them to the fundamentals of digital marketing, SEO, digital marketing tools, WordPress Management.

 WordPress Management

We upskill our students on building and managing WordPress websites as a part of our internet marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is an important part of digital marketing. Only search engine optimized websites will be ranked high in search results. Thus, businesses striving for online visibility can benefit from our SEO training. We can qualify you to be SEO experts acquired the training.

We teach our students the skills to plan better online presence for all  businesses. Our trainers instruct them of the best online business strategy and thrust them ahead in career. Understanding the significance of SEO and acquiring SEO techniques can progress them in their career and mark their success in the functional role. Acquire expertise in SEO with our adept training.

Digital Marketing tools

 Knowledge of digital marketing tools is most important for candidates. Candidates are provided training in using top online marketing tools such as AHREFs and SEMRush.

At Clear My Course, we explain to our candidates the mechanisms of digital marketing. With our proven teaching approach, we help them master the basics of digital marketing. We train you your initial steps in success on the web. There are endless career opportunities for internet marketing and you should cleverly seek the ones ideal for you. We can train you for an array of online marketing career roles. Our target is to improve your online marketing efforts and mark your success in the internet marketing domain.

Clear My Course is now reputed as the best digital marketing training institute in Kerala. We are heading forward in our sincere strife to generate plenty of well-trained, new digital marketing professionals and settle them in top internet marketing roles.


Clear My Course’s Training: Proven Success

 We have successfully skilled batches of students in online marketing. They are greatly successful in global careers. We are offer to provide you the same career-oriented preparation that has fetched them success. Our comprehensive training program is designed to impart quality online marketing training and promote students to great success in their career.

Our quality training can bring you assured success and best career outcome. Enhance your internet marketing skills and become an achiever. Clear My Course, digital marketing specialists can actualize your career interests.

We monitor the progress of students in all the phases of learning and motivate them to excel. We have the right preparation that will propel you ahead in the digital marketing career. Our complete program can help you promote online brands, improve the visibility of new or existing businesses on the web.At Clear My Course, our trainers update candidates on the latest trends and developments in internet marketing. They are skilled to catapult businesses ahead of competitors with their deep understanding of web marketing.

We ensure that you are the best candidate for the online marketing roles in terms of knowledge acquired and proficiency in online marketing. A combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training and attained skills will qualify you are the brightest candidate planning employment in the specific role.

With our proven success, we are rightly reputed as the best digital marketing training institute in Kerala.


Clear My Course provides course completion certification at the end of the program. Skills training certifications are also provided to candidates. Both the certifications are accepted worldwide. Thus, these certifications are valuable testimonials for the upskilling in internet marketing. These proofs of training are most useful while seeking global career roles. Our students acquired certification have been accepted for important global roles in the internet marketing field. We know that the certifications will confirm the knowledge of students in all the concepts of digital marketing.

 Free Internship At Infig Content Hub: Great Reward For Top 5 Performers

Clear My Course offers free internship to top 5 performers of each batch at course completion. The internship worth INR 24, 999 is provided to the candidates. We understand that interning can enrich the experience of students for bright career roles. Thus, we have planned interning at Infig Content Hub, leading content writing services providers in Kerala.


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