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Learn the latest trends and development in online marketing…Best accredited qualification for new digital marketers

A digital marketing career can transform your life. The online marketing domain has high career potential and you should explore the humongous benefits of the same. Planning a career in the eventful domain of digital marketing is a clever decision surely. You can get assured career benefits from this shrewd decision.

Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training in Pathanamthitta is your most ideal training destination. With over 5 faculties and guest faculties having immense experience and exposure in the online marketing field, you can truly benefit from the program. We offer more than 8 certification courses that will qualify you for brilliant career roles in the online marketing domain.

Leaders in digital marketing education…. Get certified with us…

Highlights of digital marketing course at Clear My Course are:

  • 8+ Certification courses
  •  8+ years experienced trainers
  •  Theoretical and practical training
  •  Intensive skills development
  •  Course-completion certification
  •  Skills development certification
  •  Free internship
  •  100% placement assistance
  •  Globally-accepted certification


Be An Achiever With A Digital Marketing Career – Clear My Course At Your Assistance. We have plenty of candidates who have wisely chosen their career – digital marketing. This is the era of online marketing and do not be left behind with the choice of conventional careers. Step ahead with digital marketing. Digital marketing is an innovative field seething with career opportunities; you should explore the benefits of it. A dynamic career aspirant as yourself should explore the bright prospects of online marketing. The opportunity to do the same is made possible through our expert digital marketing training.

We are devoted to improving the skills of our students with our expertise in digital marketing. We keep them updated on the latest trends and developments in digital marketing, furthering their knowledge acumen.

 Get Introduced to the recent and emerging innovations in digital marketing…

The digital marketing training in Pathanamthitta is tailored to qualify candidates with advanced online marketing skills and form their career. Students are trained in SEO, advanced digital marketing tools such as SEMRush and AHREFs, trained in WordPress management.  SEO training provides them great understanding on the rankings of websites. Candidates are instructed to improve the rankings of websites and improve their visibility in search engines. Students are also trained in WordPress development and management.

Digital Marketing training institute Near Me…

You may be glad that a digital marketingtraining institute is introduced in your place. Now, you need to travel far to acquire training in digital marketing instead of reaching out to thetraining institute near you. We want to help all career aspirants interested in digital marketing and thus we have planned training across all the districts in Kerala. We are already meeting plenty of dynamic candidates eager to set milestones in their digital marketing careers. You too can attain good success acquired from the intriguing digital marketing training in Pathanamthitta.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide advanced digital marketing training for all students expressing interest in our program. We are digital marketing specialists focused on qualifying new professionals. At Clear My Course, we offer futuristic programs that will qualify you for bright careers. You will be able to make marked accomplishments in the digital marketing domain.

Planning a Career In Digital Marketing

Stepping into digital marketing, you can be ambitious…There are an array of career roles awaiting you as a newly-trained online marketer. Get introduced to the latest trends in this field at the program offered by Clear My Course and implement your knowledge and skills for acquiring success in your functional role. We are top digital marketing specialists eager to train new professionals and confirm their success in online marketing. Clear My Course is the best digital marketing training in Pathanamthitta imparting quality training and knowledge. 

Emerge successful as a top online marketer with our futuristic training.

We have a past record of training plenty of candidates for digital marketing and all of them have acquired good placement with our training. We are targeting the same in the present and future for all our candidates. We recognize the abilities of our candidates, improve their understanding of online marketing. Thus, we fuel their career growth and settle them for prospectus career roles in online marketing. Most of our students have good aptitude in digital marketing and we fan the flames of ambition in their minds.

Our training faculties have assessed students of varying caliber and they have the instincts to understand them, boost their performance and offer them good career guidance. We have successfully trained different batches of students and all of them are exponents in digital marketing now.

We impart both theoretical knowledge and practical training thus evolving our candidates. Clear My Course programs are designed to introduce students to all the developments in digital marketing and confirm their success. Clear My Course trainers understand the technical requirements for each online marketing role and specialize the students adeptly so that they excel in their career roles and showcase outstanding performance.

We train our new digital marketers to focus on

  • the shifting customer expectations,
  • understand changing customer behaviour
  • strategize effective online marketing methods.



The students are also offered certifications such as course completion certification and skills development certification.  This will be valuable recognition for their course completion and testimonials for skills acquisition at the digital marketing course. The certification provided by our best digital marketingtraining institute in Kerala is accepted worldwide. Thus, we are serving the noble purpose of training you for a global career in digital marketing. Reach us for quality training and our highly trained crew will offer you good assistance.

As a certified online marketer, you can seek high-remuneration career roles such as SEO expert, Social media expert, Analytics Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, UI or UX designer to mention a few.

Internship At Infig Content Hub: Attention! Best Performers

We have some good news for you! Clear My Course is associated with Infig Content Hub to offer you a free internship. This opportunity is provided to the first 5 good performers from Infig Content Hub, the leading content writing firm in Kerala. The duration of the internship is 3 months and advanced training is planned in this brief period. The span is planned to be most productive and candidates will get the bright opportunity to explore all facets of digital marketing.

Plan your digital marketing program and build a great career !