Clear My course – Best Digital Marketing Training in Kollam

Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training institute in Kerala is upskilling new, diligent online marketing professionals planning dynamic careers ahead. We are training plenty of new digital marketing professionals and introducing them to the vast world of digital marketing. Our training is planned to develop dynamic digital marketers who can contribute well and improve online visibility for businesses. Newly trained candidates are introduced to exploring the scope of digital marketing, boosting the online presence of both new and existing businesses. Our fresh candidates can transform internet marketing with effective techniques and skills achieved at the digital marketing training institute in Kerala.

At Clear My Course, our asset is the candidate and our focus is on training them to brilliant digital marketers. We envision the success of all our candidates and our effective training has helped achieve good goals as online marketing trainers.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the most futuristic career training in 2022. Clear My Course’s intensive training will develop your best skills and qualify you for a bright career as internet marketer. With the knowledge acquired in digital platforms and technologies, candidates can qualify for progressive careers in online marketing.

The digital marketing industry has a turnover of more than $ 40 billion and is growing at a rapid pace. The growth of Mercer, social media and web analytics have scaled high the demand of digital marketing.

The importance of digital marketing is leveraged as businesses continually need to win customers for their brands. Employing the techniques of digital marketing and using effective online marketing strategies, businesses can capture the attention and interests of a multitude of customers, plan great success.

With the significant application of digital marketing, online marketers are in great demand. To saturate the career opportunities in internet marketing, candidates can plan training and settle in the career roles readily available to them at the completion of the program. Clear My Course provides candidates training on digital marketing strategies and they can effectively promote brands both in the national market and global market. The students are taught social media management and provided instructions on web analytics applications to derive important business data or gain understanding on customers’ purchase behaviour.

The power of digital marketing has propelled businesses and their brands to great popularity. Now all ranges of businesses, small, medium or large can gain niche in the global market employing internet marketing strategies.


Is Digital Marketing Training At Clear My Course Career-Focused?

Our intensive training is designed to boost the skills of our candidates and targeted at high career outcome. We plan to develop the skills of the candidates in these areas of online marketing as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web development
  • PPC ads management
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • UI/UX design
  • WordPress Management
  • SEO expertise
  • Digital marketing tools skills development


Get straddled for a dynamic career in internet marketing with the skills development planned at Clear My Course. Our training is planned to up-skill all our candidates and qualify them as top digital marketers. We focus on all important aspects of digital marketing and have planned the comprehensive program to benefit the candidates immensely.

Our efforts are also extended to skill the candidates in WordPress website building and management.


Search engine optimization is another inevitable part of digital marketing. Employing advanced SEO tools and techniques, experts can boost the rankings of business websites in search engines. This can be most useful in bringing the businesses before global customers enhancing customer connectivity. We train the candidates and ensure that they have expertise in managing useful keyword research tools such as AHREFs and SEMrush. New and effective SEO strategies are introduced to candidates and they can learn to promote the online presence of brands in their functional roles  planned ahead at course completion.



Clear My Course’s Online Marketing Training is Most Ideal For Career. Why?  

  • 1 Certified Internet Marketing Course
  • 8+ Certification courses
  • 100% placement support
  • Free internship of 90 days
  • Affordable training
  • Online and offline training
  • Highly experienced faculties
  • Industry-oriented training
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical training
  • Certifications accepted worldwide
  • 5+ expert faculties and guest faculties
  • 8+ Certifications


Our expert trainers introduce all candidates to the emerging trends in the online marketing front and keep them updated. They can specialize in the most prospectus areas of digital marketing and acquire certifications acknowledging their skills and expertise. We have successfully trained plenty of career aspirants and they are pursuing high remuneration career roles in the internet marketing field now.

The specific benefits of the program are:


  • Acquire good understanding in advanced digital concepts


  • Learn to apply digital skills


  • Master the basics and fundamentals of online marketing


  • Get deep insight into digital applications at work


 Career Roles At Course Completion

There are multiple careers that candidates can seek at the course conclusion. Some of these are :

  •  Digital marketing manager
  • SEO specialists
  • Social media specialist
  • UI or UX expert

Certifications: Worldwide Accepted Certifications From Clear My Course

 At the successful completion of the program, candidates are provided course completion certification and also skills certification. The skills certifications is issued as a recognition of the skills acquired at the course offered by Clear My Course. These certifications from the digital specialists are accepted internationally and can be presented while seeking global careers in internet marketing. Plenty of our candidates are certified digital marketers pursing global careers. You too can plan such good fortune acquired our professional training.

Internship At Infig Content Hub: Good Luck To Top 5 Performers

At Clear My Course, we confirm the importance of internship and practical experience offered at it. Thus, we are planning free internship at Infig Content Hub for the top 5 bright performers of each batch. The internship is worth INR 24, 999 and offered free to the best candidates.

We are assured that the quality training lasting to 90 days can benefit students greatly and cast them ahead in the digital marketing career.

Transform Your career With Online Marketing Training…Digital marketing specialists of Clear My Course At Your Prompt Assistance…