Clear My Course #1 Digital Marketing Training in Malappuram

Searching for expert digital marketing trainers? Your search ends at Clear My Course…best digital marketing training institute in Kerala. We are continually training new digital marketing professionals at Clear My Course. With more than 5 certified faculties and guest faculties, candidates are offered quality training for a successful career in internet marketing. We offer more than 8 certification courses to our candidates and upskill them for successful career roles in digital marketing.

Areas Of Skills Development:


  • Search Engine Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web development
  • PPC ads management
  • Social media management
  • UI/UX designing
  • WordPress Management


There are many topics completed in the internet marketing training at Clear My Course, the best training  institute in Kerala. Now candidates can seek the online marketing training in Malappuram and qualify for global career roles. Candidates successfully completing the programs are offered complete placement assistance and settled in global career roles.

Digital Marketing: Highest Scope For Global Careers


There are plenty of global career opportunities in digital marketing. Qualified candidates can pursue rewarding career roles in global organizations at the course completion. The scope of global careers is the highest in digital marketing. Digital marketers are in the highest demand for online businesses planning promotion in the web. Digital marketers are truly important as they help brands get ample visibility online and improve their web presence.

Internet marketing is proving to be the most effective form of promotion. Almost any business is planning online presence. They need to connect with global customers and improve their revenue. For this reason, the success of online businesses are tremendous. Internet marketing has catalyzed their dynamic growth and is continuing to be supportive for further growth.

With the immense multiplication of online businesses, internet marketing has a significant role to play. Online marketers are in great demand and they are required to boost the promotion of online businesses. With the adequate training offered by Clear My Course, candidates can excel as digital marketers online and promote online businesses.

Career Roles To Pursue At Course Completion

Candidates can pursue an array of career roles the completion of the digital marketing training.These are:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Social media manager
  • SEO expert
  • UI/UX designer
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC ads manager


Our experienced faculties qualify candidates for diverse career roles in digital marketing and skills them for global careers in internet marketing.All the digital marketing roles are equally important and hold great career potential.

Digital marketing is effectively managed through social media channels. The popular social media channels promote businesses, brands and as billions visit these channels, their market potential is the highest. All successful online businesses use social media channels extensively for their business promotions. New businesses are following the same success path too. In such a case, the role of social media expert is most significant and we are training you for a career in this media.

 Online Marketing: Best Career Potential

At Clear My Course, our faculties and team members understand the huge career potential of internet marketing. Thus, we have nobly decided to train students, persuade them to seek competent career roles in online marketing. We have fetched good success in the career of our students with our digital marketing training strife and placement efforts. 

 Many students who were confused about their career and future prospects are now settled in rewarding career roles acquired internet marketing training. Our comprehensive program has paved the path of success in the careers of many candidates.




Digital Marketing Training At Clear My Course

  • Certified faculties


  • Highly experienced trainers


  • Career-oriented training


  • More than 5 skilled trainers


  • Online and offline training


  • Total placement support


  • Theoretical knowledge impartation and practical training


  • More than 8 certified courses


At Clear My Course, we focus of internet marketing training for all candidates reaching us. We want to train new and dynamic digital marketers who are skilled to effectively promote businesses. Our mission is to generate proficient internet marketers and further their growth. We provide students in all steps from counselling them for digital marketing training to placement for global careers. With continuous motivation, we leverage their career growth and settle them in successful career roles.

Our experienced team of faculties appreciate students for their efforts rendered in internet marketing training and guide them through their chosen program with Clear My Course. We understand that the internet marketing program can bring them assured success and assist them through their career training.

At Clear My Course, we are fueling the career growth and progression of our candidates. Our faculties monitor their progress and direct them in the path of success. With our diligent training, we have catapulted plenty of candidates to success and our efforts are continually rendered to help them achieve high career goals.

Digital marketing is a field flooded with opportunities. Once you have settled in a career as digital marketer, you have achieved a great goal. You will be rewarded well for your promotional strategies as all online marketing professional roles are offered high remuneration. We are offering new professional for internet marketing and our focus is to provide them best career-oriented training.

With the skills imparted by our faculties, we fathom big success for all our candidates and they will be assured of success. Our strife is to bring them great success and we have achieved the same by our intensive training and placement support. All our candidates are  important for us and we envisage their success.



Clear My Course provides course completion certificate at the end of the program to the successful  candidates. Candidates are also offered skills recognition certification for the skills attained at the program. Both the certifications are valid worldwide and can qualify candidates for global careers.

 Free Internship Opportunity At Infig Content Hub

 Great news for the top 5 performers of each batch… Free internship worth INR 24,999 will be offered to the top 5 performers of each batch. Benefit from the practical exposure provided at the conclusion of the career-oriented training.


Plan your digital training with Clear My Course soon!