Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training institute in Alleppey, Kerala provides you quintessential training for a bright career. With a team of more than 5 certified faculties and guest faculties, we are transforming the career of many students.

 You too can be fortunate and earn a bright career as digital marketer, acquired training from Clear MY Course. Our trainers provide intensive training and upskill students for futuristic career roles in internet marketing. Both online and offline training are offered to students based on their convenience. The digital marketing course at Clear My Course is career-oriented and can qualify you as an online marketer.

Who Can Pursue Digital Marketing Course?

The digital marketing course can be pursued by beginners or professionals intending skills development in online marketing domain. If you are a new career-seeker exploring better opportunities, then planning a career in the highly-paid online marketing domain is a wise idea. Professionals striving for rewarding career roles can also explore career roles in internet marketing domain, planning a most ideal career shift.

With the good understanding of digital marketing, you have attained the power to build brands and boost sales. Create an impact on global customers using digital communication and proven techniques of online marketing.


 Pursue Challenging Career Roles In Digital Marketing

 There are plenty of career roles to pursue at the successful completion of the course such as:

  • Digital marketer
  • Social media expert
  • UI/UX designer
  • Analytics professional
  • Social Media Manager

A host of companies in India and global locations are hiring digital marketers. Some of the top names are LinkedIn, Accenture, Google, Infosys and even the eCommerce giant, Amazon.

Average Salaries Of Digital Marketers in India and Abroad

India -INR 5, 00,000

UK – £ 25, 755

US – $ 50, 140

Canada – C$ 60, 000

 Why Digital Marketing?

 Besides the interesting, high-remuneration career roles that  candidates can pursue, there are vital reasons to choose digital marketing. While unemployment is a major issue, candidates trained in online marketing have plenty of career opportunities to pursue. They can saturate an ocean of career opportunities before them and progress ahead. Thus, at Clear My Course, we are encouraging students to plan training and join the online marketing field, explore its bright scope.

Online visibility is important for businesses and digital marketers undertake the responsibility of showcasing your business to the largest group of customers online.  It helps all businesses survive online and sustain competition. Brands are lost in the high online competition unless digital marketers take the initiative to provide good visibility to products and services of online businesses.

The online business promotion scenario is favoring the growth of digital marketing. While all companies can benefit from internet marketing, the largest fraction of them are enjoying the rewards from digital marketing. The results of recent surveys convey that:

  • Two-thirds of the promotion or advertising funds of businesses are exhausted on digital channels
  • Online marketing industry is developing at a rapid pace of 25 to 30 percent annually and generates ample employment opportunities
  • Digital marketers earn an average salary of INR 8 to 30 Lakhs annually.

Role Of Digital Marketers

 Digital marketers employ email, social media, web-based advertising to promote brands, products and services online. Text  and multimedia messaging are used as a marketing channel. Digital marketing is important and ideal for mass promotions. With the entire world browsing online for products and services, customer connectivity is critical. Connecting businesses with global customers flourish businesses and they can amass profits. So, digital marketers continually strive to improve the online presence of businesses.

Digital Marketing Training At Clear My Course

Clear My Course, the best digital marketing training institute in Alleppey, Kerala can qualify you for bright careers in internet marketing. We have trained plenty of students and they are settled in prospectus careers. As digital marketing specialists, we are focused on providing advanced training to students. We focus on skills-development and provide students to understand digital marketing in depth. We introduce them to the fundamentals of internet marketing, the various types of internet marketing, trends in online markets and the latest developments pertaining to the field. They detail the internet technologies and explain the strong purpose of online marketing. The instructors simplify the course so that all candidates can easily understand the program and its many internet marketing concepts.

 Online marketing is becoming ubiquitous for business promotions. Thus, the role of digital marketers is becoming most vital. Almost any business is planning digital marketing. The strategy is most winning in promoting brands, products and services extensively. Most online businesses have acquired their success through online marketing and others are planning the same.

 Thus, digital marketing is inevitable in connecting brands with customers. No one knows new businesses introduced online unless their business websites are indexed in search engine results. Thus, they require digital marketing experts to strategize best online visibility for them. Effective digital marketing techniques have risen businesses from the dust and reached them to new heights. The enviable success of such businesses have generated great interests for digital marketing.

 At Clear My Course, we envision the great prospects of digital marketing. This form of marketing has acquired great popularity and is highly recommended by business experts. When all businesses have to consult digital marketing experts, they have a bright fortune. Thus, doubtlessly, online marketing has immense career potential…. Think about it…

 There is no reason why you shouldn’t seriously consider online marketing as a bright career choice. Saturate the plenty of opportunities that the engaging field offers and stay ahead in your career.

 At Clear My course, we envision the successful career of all career aspirants. We train them diligently so that they excel in their career , emerge successful. We have been committed to training plenty of candidates and they are settled in top online marketing roles across the globe. We envisage the same levels of success for all our students and with our careful training, we have always achieved the right goals.

 Trust our training and you will be able to leap ahead in your career and emerge successful, we assure. Our program at Clear My Course is designed to affirm your great prospects in digital marketing and settle you in a prospectus career. We have been recognized as the digital marketing specialists in Kerala and we are functioning in the same goals achievement path for benefiting our students immensely.

Can I seek Digital Marketing training online?

Yes, of course…We are encouraging students from all parts of Kerala to access our excelling online training. Our skilled instructors provide live sessions and conduct online classes. We help students understand internet marketing in-depth through our online classes.


 At Clear My Course, we understand the great significance of certification. We provide our students course completion certification at the end of the digital marketing course. We also provide certificates on skills achieved at our digital marketing training institute in Alleppey. The certifications offered by Clear My course are accepted worldwide and candidates can explore global careers using these testimonials. Our certifications recognize the caliber, skills and qualification acquired by our candidates.

The online marketing certification training at Clear My Course is a gateway to a successful career as online marketer. Plan a bright career in internet marketing soon!

 Get Free Internship At Infig Content Hub: A Prized Opportunity

 At the successful completion of the digital marketing course in Alleppey, top 5 performers are eligible for a free internship at Infig Content Hub, leading content services provider in Kerala. The 90-days internship would be a great opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge and skills imparted at the digital marketing course in Alleppey and plan career progression.

 We understand that practical exposure is most important to students. Thus we are offering the internship program and provide the candidates the opportunity to cement the foundation step of their career.

 Clear My Course is equipped with the best faculties to train students for a productive career in digital marketing…Plan your program at this exceptional digital marketing training institute in Alleppey and progress in your career…

Good Luck For Your Futuristic Digital Marketing Career Planned Ahead…