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              MESSAGING APPS TRENDS 2021

messaging apps


You guys are familiar with the word MESSAGING APPS, Right?
Do you Know What exactly it is?

In simple words messaging apps or applications is a tool that make instant message possible.

Unlike peer-to-peer protocols like XMPP, they are usually organized networks run by the servers of the operators of the site Messaging apps are the most widely used smartphone apps, with in 2018 over 1.3 billion monthly users of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, 980 million monthly active users of WeChat and 843 million monthly active users of QQ Mobile

 8 popular social messaging apps are:


WeChat is a messaging app that runs on every mobile device for social messaging. There are over 1 billion users of this app, with majority of the users living in Asian nations. It’s quick to communicate with others with this free app.


With over 260 million users, Viber is a free social messaging app for your business. You will make voice calls and send messages via this service. It deals with phones, laptops, and machines, making it a perfect way to communicate with people who are using different devices in your audience.


Messenger has been overshadowed by WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, as the most popular instant messaging app. It’s incredibly popular with smartphone phones, with over 1.5 billion users. On any computer, this app can be downloaded. It helps you to deliver text messages from mobile phones and tablets and make calls. This software is free to download and very user-friendly.

4.Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a Facebook-attached instant media app. It has 1.3 billion users at present and is one of the most common  messaging app Messenger initially started out as a feature that was used as part of the interface of Facebook. To view your posts, you need to be on the Facebook platform. Facebook developed a separate app to make messaging much smoother as it rose in popularity

. 5.Snapchat

Snapchat has grown to be one of the most popular apps to communicate with others. The communication in this app is different than most messaging apps. Snapchat focuses on sending photos and videos between friends and family.


There are over 200 million users of Telegram who love this service. On notebooks, tablets, and handheld computers, individuals can use the app. It operates on a messaging app that is cloud based. You may make an audio call or deliver messages using Telegram. There is also a Hidden Chat function in this app that helps you to send timed messages. After they are received, after the allocated time is over, the message expires.


KiK is a perfect social media tool if the company wishes to reach out to the younger generation of customers. Users do not need to set up this app with a phone number. Users, instead, set up usernames to communicate with each other.


Line  is another messaging app ,that has more than 203 million users who send messages and make free calls. Line communities, video calls, and voice calls are provided through this social media service. To hold discussions intimate with your viewers, it provides one-on-one talks.

 Is messaging apps are The Latest Social Media Face?

Yeah, yes…

How it Become?

Let me explain. . . In 2015, a report was released by Business Insider comparing two different forms of traffic:

  • The four largest websites on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)
  • Four instant messaging apps for texting (WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger)

As a result 2015 will be recognized as the year in which traffic on messaging apps platforms exceeded traffic on social networks. . The directions have grown much more apart today, three years hence.                 


How To Use Messaging Apps In Your Marketing Strategy

More than ever, there are many more reasons for social advertisers to introduce communications technology to engage their clients. This is particularly relevant for those in sales in e-commerce and internet shopping.

Research findings keeps reminding us that time spent on messaging apps is continually rising, with no end in sight. Nearly 70% of web referrals when it comes to sharing are accounted for by dark media networks like texting, email, and private surfing.

  • Used Bots to promote shopping

messaging apps

Two of the most dominant social media messaging apps are Facebook Messenger and WeChat, so it’s not a surprise that they have features that benefit advertisers as well.

Businesses on Messenger from Facebook encourages companies via its popular chat service to reach out to consumers.



  • Make checkouts easy via Messenger Apps with payments

messaging apps

Snapchat released a mobile wallet tool, Snapcash, in 2015. This enables users, by merely sending a message, to store their debit card details on Snapchat and transfer money to friends and family.

So for now, WeChat has joined forces with Western Union, enabling WeChat users located in the US to transfer funds to about 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Not to be outdone, for a few years now, Facebook has been processing peer-to-peer transfers, having first introduced this feature back in 2015 into Messenger.


  • For in-app shopping, go full-throttle

messaging apps

The online shopping experience becomes feasible in the integrated, simplified world of the chat app when bot technologies and in-app payment functionality work in full harmony.

There are also WeChat bots that enable its 600 million monthly users in China to book taxis, check in for airline flights, play online games, buy movie tickets, manage their bank accounts, schedule doctor appointments, and even apply for mortgages, all within the WeChat app.



  • Engage your clients to keep your brand on their minds via public chats

messaging apps

Viber introduced public chats in late 2014, encouraging individuals to follow the chats of celebrities, personalities, or a single topic, such as the “Song of the Day” party. Also available for download are sticker sets sold by labels. The Game Day set from Miller Lite is one case.

  • Use Messaging Apps to Conducting tournaments, campaigns, and other gimmicks

messaging apps

WeChat offered users a chance to submit virtual red envelopes during the 2014 Chinese New Year. The campaign included the then-modest number of twenty million users. Participation climbed to one billion the next year. There were eight billion people giving their friends and relatives red envelopes in 2016.

These are  the major 4 points for improving  the business marking strategy using messaging apps

  • Well, firstly when you meet your customer and make it convenient for them to stay connected with you, so for that we go with Instant applications for texting
  •  Secondly, Social interactions promote their experience of the brand and increase the possibility that they will feel both educated and supported.  
  • Thirdly, these messaging apps are no longer the resources to connect with your it becoming common ways for entrepreneurs to meet their valued clients
  • Finally, every month, Facebook Messenger scans more than fifteen billion messages reciprocated among individuals and digital marketers.

Here are few recommendations  for communications systems that business organisations are optimized for:

  • Communication building and link building.
  • Educating clients about the sales campaigns created by the brands.
  • To make activities coordinated.
  • Retrieving the business base Fixing up the client service of the customer support system.



The world of digital marketing is rapidly evolving and, as such, it is important to study some of the anticipated trends before designing your digital marketing plan for 2021. To begin developing your digital marketing strategy, use the above strategy of messaging apps and also you can o read other digital marketing trends for more Knowledge.



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