Search Engine Optimization Training in Kerala

SEO is most significant process for both new and existing businesses to acquire high online visibility and global customer connectivity. All smart entrepreneurs are seeking quality SEO services to boost their rankings and reach the top in SERP. With the high potential of SEO to boost ranking, SEO experts are in great demand. Understanding the ocean of opportunities in SEO, we are providing candidates SEO training in Kerala   to function adeptly in SEO careers and benefit from the plenty of vacancies that this field has to offer.

Now, career aspirants need not reach out far for quality training. With Clear My Course offering excelling SEO training in Kerala, you can qualify for a bright career and seek the tremendous prospects that the SEO course in Kerala has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization involves best strategies that improve the visibility of your businesses on popular search engines. At CMC, our top SEO training institute in Kerala, we want to upskill candidates to meet the challenges of SEO field.

What Makes Our SEO Training Best?

At Clear My Course, we have multiple reasons that confirm the adequacy of our training. Our quality training can settle you in most rewarding SEO roles.

Highlights of our SEO training are:

  • Career-oriented course
  • Job-focused training
  • Highly-experienced faculties
  • Professional training
  • Theoretical knowledge impartation
  • Practical exposure
  • Best skills development
  • 100% placement support
search engine optimization training in kerala

Become an SEO expert while we qualify you with finest training at Clear My Course, our premier SEO training institute in Kerala. We are continually qualifying SEO experts and transforming them into skilled professionals who can deliver excellence in their SEO roles.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the most useful SEO tools. GA is widely used to intrepret even complex data. With its high utility and popularity, we have confirmed that this tool will be included in our curriculum as it will be helpful for our candidates seeking SEO training at CMC.

Features of Google Analytics are:

  • Data analysis
  • Data gathering
  • Monitoring
  • Visualization
  • Report generation
  • Integration with applications


Building backlinks is an important part of SEO. Quality and quantity backlinks can shoot up your ranking in search engines. Websites should gain  backlinks so that their content is confirmed to be ideal for ranking on SERP by search engine with its good relevance, we have confirmed that building backlinks is an important SEO function that should be included in our curriculum.

What is the Future Scope for SEO?

There is immense future scope for SEO; it is estimated that the domain will generate more than 1.5 Lakhs jobs in the average salary range of INR 4.5 to 5.5 Lakhs. Thus, you shouldn’t think twice but plunge into SEO careers. Quality training provided at Clear My Course, our leading SEO training institute in Kerala.


  1. Is SEO a good career?

Yes, of course. SEO is a great career field brimming with job opportunities. With our SEO training, you can gain in-depth understanding and qualify for bright career roles.

  1. What is the qualification for learning SEO Course?

Candidates completed 10+2 can apply for SEO course and acquire professional training.

  1. Do you assist in job placements?

We provide 100% placement assistance for all candidates at the successful completion of our program. At CMC, we have settled plenty of our previous candidates and you can seek our assistance too.

  1. Do you give certificate of SEO Courses?

Yes, we provide valid SEO certificates at the successful completion of the program.