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Terminology of digital marketing
A: Terminology of Digital Marketing 2

A/B Testing (Split Testing) : A process for evaluating two iterations of a website, email, or advertisement to see which one converts better or gets more user interaction.

Ad Impressions : The quantity of times a user sees an internet advertisement, even if they don’t click on it.

Affiliate Marketing : A performance-based marketing approach in which companies pay partners or affiliates for bringing customers or traffic to their websites via the partners’ marketing initiatives.

Analytics : The procedure for gathering, evaluating, and interpreting data on user interactions and digital marketing initiatives in order to make wise judgments.Example for Analytics

Anchor Text : The text that shows up when you click on a hyperlink and provides details about the content it points to. It is essential to SEO.

Ad Copy : The language or substance used in headlines, body copy, and call-to-action (CTA) sentences in advertising.

Alt Text: A succinct explanation of an image that is part of a webpage’s HTML code. It is used for SEO and provides a text alternative for users who are blind or visually challenged.

Authority: In search engine optimization, this refers to a website or web page’s perceived reliability and dependability by search engines, which can affect its ranking.

Algorithm Updates :Updates to search engine algorithms, such as Google’s, that impact the order in which websites appear in search results are known as algorithm updates. SEO tactics may be impacted by these adjustments.

Audience segmentation : Refers to the process of breaking down a target audience into more manageable groups according to common traits or actions in order to customize advertising campaigns.

AJAX: A sophisticated computer program that search engines utilize to get information and provide query results. In order to present rated webpages via a results page based on several ranking elements and signals, search engines combine a variety of algorithms.

Audience Targeting : Talk about methods for locating and connecting with the ideal customers for a certain good or service.

Automation in Marketing : Investigate how to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives by optimizing workflows with marketing automation tools.