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Fundamentals of Digital marketing
F: Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 2

Funnel: A funnel is a visual representation of the customer journey, dividing it into stages like awareness, consideration, and conversion, used to track and optimize marketing strategies.

Followers: Individuals who follow or subscribe to a social media account, indicating an interest in the content and updates shared by that account.

The Footer: Footer or bottom portion of a webpage, usually includes copyright notices, contact details, navigation links, and other important information.Visit on CMC for More info.

FTP(File Transfer Protocol): It is a protocol that allows files to be uploaded and downloaded over the internet. It is frequently used in content management and web development.

Freshness: Google prioritizes fresh content in niches like COVID 19 announcements and sports results, using the Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) algorithm for breaking news, recurring events, information queries, and product queries.

Featured Snippet: Google displays a snippet block above organic search results for specific queries, providing a summary, publication date, page title, answer origin link, and URL.

First Link Priority: Google treats links differently if two links point to the same page, with the anchor text from the first link having more influence. However, no definitive evidence exists, so it’s recommended to add links user-first.

Fold: The “fold” refers to the portion of your website that is obscured by the lower edge of a user’s browser window or monitor. You can navigate to anything below the fold, but it won’t appear immediately. Content that appears above the fold is given preference by search engines since it is immediately visible to new users.

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