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Google Search Console Added robots.txt Report 2

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled a revamped robots.txt report within Google Search Console, signaling the retirement of the old robots.txt tester tool. This new tool comes packed with valuable insights, revealing the robots.txt files discovered by Google for the top 20 hosts on your website. Users can now easily track when these files were last crawled, and the report highlights any warnings or errors encountered during the process.

Moreover, Google emphasized on this November that they are incorporating pertinent information from the Page Indexing Report into this update. This means users can access relevant details seamlessly. As part of this enhancement, the legacy robots.txt tester tool will be officially phased out.

The Importance of robots.txt in SEO

Imagine your website as a big book, and search engines like Google as readers trying to understand it. Now, Robots.txt is like the table of contents of that book. It tells search engines which pages they’re allowed to read and index and which ones they should skip.In SEO, Robots.txt is a small but mighty text file that website owners use to guide search engines on how to explore and interact with their site. Think of it as a set of instructions that tell search engine robots, also known as crawlers or spiders, which parts of the website they are allowed to access and which parts they should avoid.

This file is like a map that helps search engines efficiently navigate through the website’s content, ensuring that the right pages get attention while keeping sensitive or unnecessary areas off-limits. Ultimately, Robots.txt plays a crucial role in optimizing a website’s interaction with search engines and influencing its performance in search results.

So, if you’re curious about Robots.txt and want an expert to guide you through it, hit play on the video, and let Jijo Joseph , SEO Expert India, simplify the concept for you! Understanding Robots.txt has never been this easy.

author: Jijo joseph SEO Expert Kerala

Jijo Joseph is a No. 1 Freelance SEO expert in india, based in Kerala with over 8+ years of experience in the digital Marketing. A Google and HubSpot certified Digital Marketing Consultant in Kochi, Kerala. Successfully completed more than 200+ global projects. Have conducted over 1000+ SEO audits. Trained more than 12K+ students in the past few years. A regular YouTube Blogger on SEO and Digital Marketing.

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